Arlington, VA (November 18, 2022) – VHC Health, a community-based health system, is making a multimillion-dollar investment to advance the health of women of the community. The female physician-led advancement will include dedicating 22,000 square feet for Women’s Health services in the new Outpatient Pavilion. This space is scheduled to open fall of 2023.

“It is well documented that women play a critical role in a family’s overall health. However, because of the many roles women play, they often focus on the health care of others, while neglecting their own needs,” said Kelly Orzechowski, MD, FACOG, Vice Chief, Medical Specialties, VHC Health Physicians. “That’s why it is important that we help women maintain good health for themselves as well. Better outcomes in women’s health are known to have subsequent benefits for families, children and the elderly – thereby leading to stronger, healthier communities.”

Women’s Health services at the Outpatient Pavilion will provide convenient, accessible services bundled for a seamless patient experience. Developed by a female-led physician team, the continuum of women health services, from prevention to palliative care, includes Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Women‘s Health and Wellness (including Aging and Menopause), Genetics, Breast Health, Urology, Cardiology, Advanced Radiologic Imaging and Vascular Diagnostics. Gynecologic Oncology services are slated for the near future.

“Women’s busy schedules often get in the way of their health,” said Terri Remy, MD, FACP, Vice Chief, Primary Care, VHC Health Physicians. “Locating Women’s Health services in the same place will better serve the entire community. This investment in a one-stop-shop for Women’s Health services, along with our digital technology, will enhance the quality of care collaboration, increase accessibility, and help women stay healthy.”

“VHC Health has always been committed to high-quality women’s healthcare,” said Chris Lane, President & CEO, VHC Health. “We recognize that the women of our community are the gatekeepers of their family’s healthcare and deserve personalized healthcare services. This space will be dedicated to women’s healthcare with the most advanced technology and therapies available. A huge thank you to our Women’s Health services physician leaders who have been the driving force behind this very important initiative.”

“The VHC Health Board of Directors fully supports this extremely important initiative for the women of our community,” said Russell McWey, MD, Chairman of the VHC Health Board of Directors. “Women’s health care needs change throughout their lives, and this investment is an opportunity for VHC Health to provide the most holistic approach, as we partner with women to meet their needs.”

The VHC Health Foundation’s Women’s Health Circle (WHC) has philanthropically supported the health system since it was formed in 2014. Most recently, the WHC chose to support the expansion of Women’s Imaging in the Hospital’s new Outpatient Pavilion. “The Women’s Health Circle is proud to support women’s health services at VHC Health’s Outpatient Pavilion by philanthropically investing in the latest imaging services for women,” said Danine Fresch-Gray, DDS, Founder of Clarendon Dental Arts, co-chair of the WHC. “VHC Health has always empowered women by ensuring there is access to personalized, compassionate care — but the announcement of this investment is a testament to VHC Health’s commitment to elevating that care. This is just one reason we have chosen to advocate and support VHC Health. When women and their families have access to community-based care in a centralized location, overall health outcomes can improve.” In addition to comprehensive Women’s Health services, the six-story Outpatient Pavilion, opening in summer of 2023, will bring VHC Health campus’ outpatient services together, making it more convenient for patients and their families to access care. This follows a nationwide shift in providing more care in an outpatient setting.