Katz says, “I’m having a boy. His name is Asher. Asher will be my plus one.”

But sitting beside her bliss is uncertainty.

“It’s not knowing. It’s not knowing. How long is this going to be like this,” she said.

Katz will be a single mother after undergoing IVF.

“I’ve always wanted to have kids,” says Katz.

But when COVID-19 struck, this successful health care consultant lost her job.

Katz says, “And then all of a sudden, one day boss calls me up and says we can’t afford to pay you. We’re done.”

Katz planned ahead, has a support system and a nest egg but fears without a paycheck and two mouths to feed, she’ll quickly run out of money.

“So, I have a friend in New Jersey who is like a sister to me. She was going to come down for a few weeks, but can’t leave,” says Katz.

And she says a neighbor who planned on helping now fears he contracted COVID-19 which is, understandably, a fear that keeps Katz from leaving her Falls Church home.

Katz adds, “I’m also worried, are my friends going to expose me and my new baby to this virus?”

In fact, Katz says she’s being induced next week, about 10 days before her due date. Her advice, as an expert on navigating the health care system, is to talk with your doctor as soon as possible about hopes and concerns.

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