Virginia Hospital Center dedicated the VHC Pediatrics Care Coordinators Office in recognition of the Vicky Collins Charitable Foundation for their longstanding philanthropic support of VHC Pediatrics, which has totaled $2.4 million since 2005. Each year, VHC pediatrics cares for 3,700 infants and children in Arlington County who live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

“In some Arlington neighborhoods, children are living in severe poverty. With support from the Vicky Collins Charitable Foundation, VHC pediatrics can provide care that might not otherwise be available to this underserved population,” said Tony Burchard, President of the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation.

VHC Pediatrics Care Coordinators, now officially known as Vicky Collins Care Coordinators Office, act as a lifeline for children and their families guiding them in the process of accessing specialists, treatments, therapies, and medications that help them to live healthier lives. The Vicky Collins Foundation has directly funded Care Coordinator positions for 16 years. As a result, thousands of children with complex health conditions have been helped and their lives improved.

“Vicky cared so passionately about the children in our community. Her spirit is still around us today as we expand our reach of providing care to children who are at-risk and whose families live without a financial safety-net and the resources required to navigate the healthcare system. We are honored to support this critical community need,” said Mark Cummings, Vicky Collins Foundation Board member.

The Vicky Collins Charitable Foundation was established when Vicky passed in 2003. Since her death, the Vicky Collins Charitable Foundation has awarded nearly 2 million dollars in grants to help children with special healthcare needs in the Washington Metropolitan area.