VHC Health consistently prioritizes innovation to enhance the patient experience. From rapidly advancing telehealth during the pandemic and launching our mobile app to introducing cutting-edge surgical systems, we’ve always been at the forefront. However, as medical technology evolves swiftly, philanthropy is crucial to address the community’s healthcare needs.

Upcoming Technological Initiatives at VHC Health

AI-Powered Radiology
Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of medical imaging. At VHC Health, where we conduct over 50,000 CT scans annually, the potential of AI is trans-formative. This software promises to:

  • Speed up CT image analysis.
  • Minimize diagnostic oversights.
  • Optimize patient flow in our Emergency Department.

For those in VHC Health’s Level II Trauma Center, where time is a luxury we can’t afford, AI-enhanced radiology can save lives. Philanthropic support can make this technology a standard for every CT scan.

Expansion of Population Health Programs
Population Health offers a 360-degree view of patient well-being, extending beyond medical history. With our success in reducing readmissions for congestive heart failure to 15.5%, compared to a national average of 21%, we aim to broaden this approach. Our emphasis will be on the Social Determinants of Health, which shines a light on vital factors such as housing and mental health.

This will lead to tailored care plans, proactive interventions, and enhanced support systems for our patients.

Improving the VHC Health Mobile App
Mobile technology is bridging gaps in patient-doctor communication. With the integration of the MyChart Care Companion into the VHC Health app, we’re looking at a future where care plans are not just prescriptive but interactive. This tool will not only keep patients informed but actively involved in their health journey.

Philanthropy Can Accelerate AI and Technology at VHC Health

Each technological advancement we aim for is an investment in a healthier future. Our dedication to progress is relentless, and with visionary philanthropy, we can accelerate our care. Through generous support, we achieve:

  • Swift adaptation of pioneering tools.
  • Empowering our medical team with elite resources.
  • Cementing VHC Health’s legacy as a vanguard in healthcare technology.

Your contribution is more than financial backing. It’s an essential to mission where we merge personalized healthcare with technology to deliver the highest quality of care.

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